M Method classes

Term starts Monday 2nd of September and finishes 18th of October.

 Please note, classes must be paid in advance, no drop-ins accepted. Prices are per term. 


 Mixed level Pilates reformer/mat work with Foundation Training £60
Dates: 2.9 / 9.9 / 23.9 / 30.9 / 7.10 / 14.10
10-10.55 Mixed level Pilates equipment and Foundation Training £50
Dates: 9.9 / 23.9 / 30.9 / 7.10 / 14.10

Mixed level Pilates equipment / MOTR / Foundation Training £30
Dates: 24.9 / 1.10 / 15.10

Beginner pilates £30
Dates: 25.9 / 2.10 / 16.10

Pilates matwork / equipment / MOTR and Foundation Training £50
Dates: 5.9 / 19.9 / 26.9 / 3.10 / 17.10
11-11.50 Pilates equipment with mat work and Foundation Training £50
Dates: As above

Pilates equipment / MOTR and Foundation Training £40
Dates: 6.9 / 20.9 / 27.9 / 4.10 / 18.10


Classes explained

Pilates reformer/tower/chair-  A reformer is a spring resisted exercise machine used to perform Pilates exercises creating a challenging and intense work out.  Reformer allows you to work the entire body including your arms and legs, therefore giving you a low intensity, full body workout.  Pilates equipment, is great for improving strength, flexibility, balance and coordination but with an increased intensity and in a more challenging way.  You work muscles through their full range of motion, inviting length into the body working to tone and strengthen muscle groups and maintain joint mobility.   Pushing or pulling with the arms or legs on the Reformer using the resistance of the springs, carriage and body weight challenges the body and builds strength. You will gain more body awareness, control, flexibility and proprioception, which will have a positive impact on your posture and movement pattern. We will also be using the pilates chair, tower and other small pilates equipment to challenge your . You must have at least 1:1 session before joining this class. Class size: 6 people

Pilates- 55 minute dynamic pilates classes will focus on improving your core strength, centering, correct breathing and rib cage alignment, precision, flowing movement and building endurance. We will be executing movements in prone, supine, quadruped and standing positions mixing things up with magic rings, balls, thera bands and weights. Class size: 5 people  

MOTR pilates- MOTR pilates will challenge your muscles intensely combining resistance training, short cardio bursts and traditional reformer and pilates moves. This is a fast phased high intensity class lengthening and defining your muscles, improving balance, posture and fitness levels. Class size: 4 people

Pilates for runners and cyclists- Dynamic class combining traditional pilates moves, Foundation Training, Yogalign and functional fitness training. This class is aimed at healthy and fit athlete and is not suitable for rehabilitation, which requires 1:1 attention. Each move is specific to improve cycling and running performance and to avoid injuries. Class size: 6 people 

HIIT- This fast phased class starts with a quick pilate session to wake up deep muscles that enable you to execute moves safely and effectively. The rest of the class is a circuit training format using different equipment such as kettle bells, medicine balls, sand bags,TRX, Bosu, wobble boards,  battle ropes, reformer and hand weights. If you want to get fit fast, this class is made for you.  *Knowledge of pilates principles is highly recommended. Class size: 6 people 

Barre/Pilates-This class is all about lengthening and strengthening your body. Drawing elements from pilates and barre techniques, Foundation Training and Yogalign, this class will work your muscles hard, recruiting deep stabilising muscles and increasing heart rate. Using a selection of small equipment such as hand and ankle weights, therabands, sliders, pilates rings and balls, no class will ever be the same.  Perfect class for toning up and improving posture. *Knowledge of pilates principles is pre-requisite before joining this class. Class size: 5 people max.

M Signature- Killer workout combining pilates, barre, HIIT, MOTR and small equipment. This hardcore class will be lengthening and strengthening your body and mind, increasing your cardio and flexibility. Each class is challenging total body work out speeding up your metabolism and toning up muscles.  Class size:  5 people max.

1:1-  Our personalised 1: 1 sessions are perfect for those who are slowly getting back to fitness before joining up one of our classes or have had an injury and need to work on specific areas. Ideal for busy professionals who are unable to join my classes and need to fit a session between their hectic schedules. 1:1 session is also pre-requisite before joining our pilates classes as we go through the key pilates principles, including postural analyses and drawing up a fitness plan. 1:1 sessions are ideal for ante and post natal clients and if you have hyper mobility, scoliosis, shoulder, knee or back pain.

* Prior to joining any classes, all participants are required to have a 1:1 session.  This session  will  include an in-depth musculoskeletal assessment to assess your posture and any muscles imbalances and introduce you to my movement method. We can also cover subjects such as gut/digestion issues, weight loss and hormonal imbalances, osteoporosis/osteopenia...as they are all linked! As a student of naturopathic medicine, I have a strong interest on gut and hormonal issues. I also offer diagnostic testing to look at gut health, hormonal issues, genetics, adrenals and nutritional imbalances. 

Before you join any of our classes or sessions, you must fill out our PARQ form.


Class price: £10 per session, payable termly. Strictly No pay-as-you-go!

1:1 session pay as you go £35

2:1 sessions £40

Bodywork: £60 for 1,5h

1:1 home visits: Minimum of £80 depending on the distance. 

If you have any questions about our sessions, prices or timetable, please drop me an email :)

Sessions can be paid by cash,  BACS ( M Method, S/C 30-90-92, A/C 36652760) or by cheque written to M Method