Why M Method?

M Method is a boutique pilates studio set in a beautiful Dorset countryside offering 1:1 sessions and small semi private group classes, nutritional advice and massage.


My dynamic 55 minute classes will provide the ultimate workout, targeting every muscle and challenging your fitness level as no class will ever be the same. Choose from a selection of classes ranging from equipment pilates ( incorporating reformer, tower and chair), MOTR pilates, Pilates for runners and cyclists, and M Signature which combines elements from all other classes. My studio is one of the few studios outside London teaching pilates on  Balanced Body MOTR. I am one of the few teachers in the UK trained in Melt Method,  Yogalign and Foundation Training Method. Each class will combine elements from these movement methods.

My class sizes are small ensuring personal attention that you would normally get in 1:1 sessions. I want you to leave our sessions feeling energised and lengthened with more body awareness that will benefit you in your day to day life.


As a student of naturopathic nutrition, I offer one hour long sessions to talk about nutrition and any health issues that you may have. My approach is functional medicine, a science-based approach to health and healing that looks at the origins, the underlying causes, of the illness or symptoms. It is a comprehensive approach that emphasizes not just restoring health, but also prevention of disease in the first place. The underlying premise of Functional Medicine, is that every person is biochemically unique, and each approach to treatment should be as individual as the person being treated. My passion is in gut health, as a result of years of unexplained ill health. I am passionate about diagnostic testing to look at hormonal imbalances, detoxification, HPA axis dysfunction and gut health.  As I am still a student, I work with a wide range of practitioners who I can refer you to. 




Jing Massage- Advanced Clinical Massage therapist certificate, level 5 - ongoing

Jing Massage: Oncology massage, scar work, Advanced Myofascia release, Hot stones ( coming up )

Abdominal Sacral Massage training

Cranial Sacral Therapy with Pledges Institute- Coming up

APPI- Comprehensive Mat work, pilates for runners and cyclists, pilates for scoliosis, ante and post natal pilates and full equipment series

Balanced Body-  Mat work level 1 and Reformer level 1 and 2

Premier Global - Level 2 in Certificate of Fitness Instructing, Kettlebell and Suspension training ( TRX).

College of Naturopathic Medicine - Naturopathic nutrition, year 1

Nutrigenomics - Lifecode Gx and DNA FIT

Spiral Stabilisation Method

Foundation Training

Melt Method


Anatomy in Motion