“I started training with Minna a year ago, after an operation to remove melanoma . I was unfit, overweight and not feeling great but motivated to do something about it. Exactly what to do was not clear but that all that changed from the very first session.  I  knew I was lucky to find the most amazing person to take me through a tough road ahead , someone highly motivated to improve my health.  Minna’s incredible knowledge and  sincere encouragement has taken me on a fantastic journey of improved fitness and shape that has taken me back 20 years! Every class is different. She has a vast range of equipment and every week guides me through an array of exercise, all bespoke to fit what my body needs.

Minna is energetic, enthusiastic and I would say she is an unbelievable inspiration to every person motivated to improve themselves. I am happy to offer the highest possible recommendation.”

Kevin Milton