I started training with Minna a year ago, after an operation to remove melanoma . I was unfit, overweight and not feeling great but motivated to do something about it. Exactly what to do was not clear but that all that changed from the very first session.  I  knew I was lucky to find the most amazing person to take me through a tough road ahead , someone highly motivated to improve my health.  Minna’s incredible knowledge and  sincere encouragement has taken me on a fantastic journey of improved fitness and shape that has taken me back 20 years! Every class is different. She has a vast range of equipment and every week guides me through an array of exercise, all bespoke to fit what my body needs.

Minna is energetic, enthusiastic and I would say she is an unbelievable inspiration to every person motivated to improve themselves. I am happy to offer the highest possible recommendation.”K  Milton

"Fun , friendly classes and instruction . All the equipment you could wish for . A weekly session will have you feeling progressively fitter and more energetic ." P Rowley

I love working out with Minna and really value the sessions I have with her. She is so knowledgeable and experienced in the Pilates Reformer Method and I always feel in safe hands with her. She focuses not only on fitness, but also on posture and breathing, and no session has ever been the same. Minna will adapt her sessions depending on your aims and I feel much more motivated after my sessions with her. Not only is she highly qualified, but she is also so approachable and non-judgmental. I feel very lucky to have found her!   H   Perrett

" At the end of every session, I feel that my entire body has been wholeheartedly worked - Minna has a brilliant eye for detail, observing and deducting how each person is using individual muscles. We seem to do new moves every session. Minna’s knowledge of muscle groups is impressive and reassuring – she’s always looking to adjust balance and poses to get the most out of every exercise.

Despite the obvious effort and sometimes pain (!), I still somehow always manage to laugh! I have been to Minna’s sessions for about a year now and notice every day how much stronger my whole body feels. " L Dennis

" I've just started working out with Minna and these are the things I am really enjoying so far...Her attention to technique is excellent so you feel you are really working your body in a highly effective way. She has an amazing range of equipment, lots of which is new to me, so the range of exercises is huge and sessions are never repetitive or morning. The exercises never focus solely on one area of the body; you are always working several at once so you are getting the most out of your workout. Minna is friendly, approachable and fun and listens to what you want to achieve, and has made sure I work on my problem areas doing the exercises I enjoy." R Wright

" Working with Minna for the past 18 months has completely transformed my fitness levels and physical strength as well as helping me to manage a degenerative osteoarthritis condition. When I first began I had chronic back pain. Minna is immensely knowledgeable about physiology and able to proscribe exactly the right exercises without any risk of injury. For me this  has been invaluable as I had experienced injury previously in other types of classes. Using a mixture of machines, cardio work and floor exercises Minna tailors the class exactly to your needs but she also makes it fun and different each time so there's no danger of getting bored. Having done all kinds of specialist training Minna is a very skilled instructor whether building fitness for a marathon or overseeing rehabilitation work after injury. I couldn't recommend her more highly. " C Empson

Pilates with Minna has been an entirely positive experience for me, someone who has never had a sporty bone in my body or stepped foot in a gym. Minna is really in tune with the needs of each individual and I feel very encouraged by her and increasingly confident. She is an excellent teacher." X Cotton

Minna classes are varied and different each week, never a dull moment!  If you want a flat stomach, strong defined muscles and rehabilation all in one then this is the place to be! Thank you Minna x " F Chetwode

" I walked into Minna’s airy studio two years ago with a somewhat broken body having given birth to four children, horrendous abdominal diastasis, chronically nursing a sore shoulder, all atop a pair of painful feet.  To say that I’m standing much taller and stronger, and mostly 'put back together again' is quite honestly down to Minna’s balanced and rigorously-researched method.  A method which absolutely defies a singular description.  This is not just pilates.  This is definitely not just yoga.  This is absolutely not just weight or high intensity interval training.  M. Methodactually is everything and it would do a disservice to her method to narrow her expertise to one modality.  Minna's complete dedication to and passion for healing through movement is evidenced in every challenging and rewarding session.  Who could want more in today’s insane world than a workout that gets the job done and leaves it’s user feeling like their body is as it should be?  Collaborate with Minna to unlock a pain free body through movement.  You will only feel better for it. " S Bichard